Most of our customers like to stay in their comfort zone, but we’re getting more and more demand for harder rides, so I’ve put together a series of challenges, both on gravel and road.

All of them are designed to give you a very big day out in the saddle that you’ll remember for a long time. For most people, you’ll be way outside your comfort zone, and you certainly won’t be doing much the following day.

We’re not running any of these as events, they’re just tough routes you might like to base your holiday around. If you want to come here as a group to take one of these challenges on, get in touch.

Gravel Challenges

The 100-mile Gravel Challenge

This is a 100-mile (160km) figure-of-eight route that takes in the best gravel riding the region has to offer. You’ll explore the remote Causse de Quercy the stunning Aveyron Gorge and the immense Gresigne Forest. This is a hard ride but very manageable if you’re fit and have some gravel experience.

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The Half Everest

This is a route I don’t think I could manage, at least not in one go, but if you’re a super fit climber, you could try… I’ve strung together most of the offroad climbs in the gorge to create a completely insane route with 4424m of climbing, that’s half the height of Everest.

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Road Challenges

The 100 Valleys Challenge

This is a tough, 200km ride into the 100 valleys area of the Aveyron. It’s wild, remote, hilly and stunning. It’s a favourite of mine on the rare occasions when I have a whole day to spare.

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The Black Mountains

This is an adventurous ride of 200km. You’ll head south from here through the fabulous rolling countryside of the Tarn, before hitting the seemingly impregnable wall of the Black Mountains. This forgotten corner of France has some amazing riding, and you’ll likely have the mountain roads to yourself. The finalé is the long swoop down into the Carcassonne Valley with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, from where you’ll catch a train back to St Antonin.

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How to Book

We can create a bespoke vacation around any one of the challenge rides. Stay for a few days or longer. Contact us to discuss your plans.

If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please contact us!